Kansas Tourism

Kansas Tourism

May 4, 2017 Off By ardec

Anyone who has visited Kansas might remember a whole lot of prairie lands. It is an expansive state where throughout much of it the sky and grass is all that appears in sight. The few silos, barns, and roadside gas stations are dwarfed by the prairie. It might give the impression that there is not much more to the state than farms.

Yet, Kansas boasts, albeit quietly, to one of the best teams in baseball, an NFL team, and competitive universities seen on football fields and among top corporate ranks throughout the world.

And, there’s so much more to Kansas than the big cities, Topeka, and Kansas City, Kansas. They are also dwarfed by comparison with the natural beauty. That wide open sky is great for star gazing, setting out for taking in magnificent sunsets, solar and lunar eclipses, and so much more.

Going outdoors is probably where the best trips in Kansas happen. From hunting and fishing, to sightseeing among the natural wonders of the state are just some of the favorite activities of locals, and those who have been here and return here time and again.

There’s No Place Like Home, Toto
Of course, Kansas was the setting for the opening scenes of The Wizard Of Oz, where Dorothy gets swept away with her terrier Toto in a tornado. She’s transported to the imaginary land where she meets up with the munchkins, the tin man, the scarecrow, and the witches. The Wamego’s Oz Museum is the place to take in everything Oz in Kansas.

Check out the many ranches that allow visitors for the full experience that defines Kansas. From the quilt block barn to 96 ranch, you are in for a treat getting to experience all of this first hand.

And, anyone who has ever been to Manhattan Kansas has only commented on the beauty and wonderful time they have had. It is worth the drive, along with Salinas. Salinas has a more main stream Main Street Americana flavor to it, with plenty of shopping and restaurants to suit any taste. Go and see it for yourself.

If you are already going through Kansas, it is definitely worth it to plan some diversions that will take you away from a days-long drive. Get out of the car! Take in some fresh air, beautiful views, and get to know the local scenery, from the Kansas ranchers’ perspective too.