Kansas River Trails

Kansas River Trails

May 4, 2017 Off By ardec

Most people might not associate a lot of water with Kansas. It’s landlocked, and for the rest of the nation,water just is not on their map of what they associate with the massive state. They might think of ranchers, barns, farms, grasslands, prairies, and even the bread basket. Good barbecue? Sure, but not water.

That is until they just trust in the tour guides for Kansas and take their advice to go set out on the Kansas River trails. Seeing Eastern Kansas from the vantage point of a kayak, canoe, raft, or boat, is relaxing, and beautiful. It’s free from cars and traffic that might detract from seeing Kansas solely from a car or RV.

It’s the most peaceful way to explore Kansas and to commune with nature in a manner most people would not expect. Observe the animal habitat interacting with the natural environment and landscape around you as you sail the largest prairie river.

The River launching points and points of interest run a good 100 miles west of Kansas City, making t a great way to lead back into civilization. Others like to remind themselves of the beauty and peace of nature by launching after spending a night in the big city. It’s their way of keeping themselves humble to all the creatures, great and small.

One of the best ways to keep moving daily is to bring along gear for camping. It is a great way to take several days away from the hustle and bustle of life to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in a way only Kansas can supply.

Be mindful, though, that a good deal of the actual land may be in private hands, so you have to know where camping and stopping is allowed before hand. Otherwise, you might be inviting yourself unwittinly over to someone else’s house, or land without their permission.

The best tips for making the camping experience a success is to always tie all gear down, so that if the water levels shift and rise over night, you do not have to track down your gear down the river. Always be sure to take care in storing your food so that it does not attract unwanted creatures.

Most of all, be sure to bring a great camera to take some pictures during the trip. It’s going to have plenty of breathtaking moments for you to enjoy.